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[MA012] J´aime le Pantherklub  5-Track-EP out on                    Musicartistry Recordings           Release-Date: 22.01.06

[ElecRep002] Split Series 01 Split-EP with Roy Orbit out on Electroreptil                            Release-Date: 18.03.06


[MA017] VA. 1974 - back to...?.including “Bend it like the Pantherklub” out on            Musicartistry Recordings           Release-Date: 05.06.06

[Poli060] VA. Six Six Sixties      including “Wasting my time”    out on Politicide                        Release-Date: 18.08.06


[HHW005.2]                               Sinus Force - Die Kaffeemaschine reworked by the Pantherklub          out on Haushaltsware                     Release-Date: 2005

[ElecRep005] [Tisch28]                     Tomas Haas - Bilinguale Reinkarnation including “Tomas Haas wanna be a rugrat (Pantherklub Remix)”                    out on Electroreptil and Tisch-Records   Release-Date: 28.09.06